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Can Chinese Herbology make me live longer?

The ancient Chinese have done away with herbal medicines for centuries. They have mastered the art of treating
any illness naturally by the use of accupuncture, or use of herbal medicines. The question is, “Does it work?”

Of course, they do believe that it would require proper diet and excercise coupled with the natural herbs that
they have discovered may prolong someone’s life. Not necesarily the fountain of youth, but you will live
healthier, longer.

The daily physical stressors we go through and its demands weaken our immune system and vitality. Once
weakened, it allows illness to occur and seep into our bodies. Generally, the basic combatant from illness is
drinking tea. Green tea for the most part is very rich in anti-oxidants. There are other herbal medicines out
there that may be able to assist us in resisting germs and illness by simply taking them orally in tablet
form. How easy would that be? master cleanse

Another factor that is weakened when we are stressed out is our ability to procreate. Fertility clinics are
quite prosperous these days. There are lots of couples wanting to have a child and couldn’t do it naturally.
They require the assistance of fertility doctors and clinics. However, there are ways to do that naturally.
The Fertility at Thumos Health Center focuses on women’s health and fertility. Eastern medicine has been the
focus at this facility and holistic in nature, they provide a strong treatment for fertility and reproductive


Just take a look at what they say about this on their website:

Thumos Health Center is proud of its focus on women’s health issues and fertility. Santa Monica and Los
Angeles area obstetrician-gynecologists regularly refer their patients to us when they believe the patient can
benefit from our experience. Eastern medicine is a holistic means of dealing with reproductive fitness.
Because every cell, tissue, and organ is positively affected by acupuncture’s systemic relief, we provide
strong treatment for fertility and reproductive issues.

Bryan Abel and Ganit Kriel invest wholeheartedly in their fertility patients’ well-being. Fertility treatment
at Thumos involves no less than a 3 to 6 month treatment plan incorporating analysis and counseling. We often
combine a number of the various modalities we offer, including acupuncture and herbal remedies, in order to
effectively care for our patients. Anti aging cream review.

Via the treatment plan, anxiety and stress hormones which diminish fertility can be reduced and menstrual and
ovulation cycles can be better regulated. We stimulate key relaxation points as well as the meridians
involving the uterus and ovaries.

Similarly positive achievements have been made with men’s reproductive health. Acupuncture and herbal remedies
can be used to treat prostate issues, sperm motility, sperm count, erectile dysfunction, libido, depression
and anxiety.
In Vitro Fertilization Acupuncture Care

Thumos Health Center has made great gains in the area of in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment. Bryan Abel
and Ganit Kriel work in conjunction with local fertility centers to help treat IVF patients. Obstetrician-
gynecologist specialists have begun to recognize the effectiveness of an integrated Eastern/Western approach
to their patients’ fertility.

When acupuncture is introduced to an IVF patient, her body is coaxed back into a functioning alignment. As
such, the various Qi counterbalances elsewhere in her body also have a positive affect on her fertility.
Studies conducted in the United States, China and Germany have all acknowledged the positive results of the
combined holistic/allopathic approach to IVF. These studies concluded that acupuncture helps to increase blood
flow to the uterus, improving the sustainability of the uterine wall.about master cleanse

Bryan and Ganit work hand-in-hand with the IVF specialists. Acupuncture is performed twice on the IVF patient,
in separate pre-op and post-op sessions, before and after the patient’s embryo is implanted.

Living longer is one, and staying healthy is another. It could do both, so why not give it a try?